First step

Dear readers;

      This will be my first time writing an article lets call it a letter to a stranger  , i dont consider my self as a writer and im not even closer to being one , but i do write to express my self through words , sometimes probably i use the wrong words to expres my self and my real emotions but im not ashamed at least i tried to say what’s in my heart , because if i dont make mistakes, how i will learn the right and the bad direction that i should take to reach my goals? How can to the word « mistake » exist if we don’t make it ? Dont be afraid to make mistakes because it a sign that you are strong enough to face your fears .

  My mistake is that i abandoned my bloc for so long  because i was afraid to make the first step, to face my fearness , but now here i am here with a lot of confidence writing this spontaneous words full of love , the advice that i want to give you is : 《 do the first step even if you make mistakes  dont be afraid , fight even if your enemie is yourself , fight to reach your goals.》

   I’m here to write about anything you would like to read let me know in comments .

              Xoxo ❤    

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